Scope and applicability

Persons employed by the participants referred to in Chapter 1.4, whose duties concern the carriage of
dangerous goods, shall be trained in the requirements governing the carriage of such goods
appropriate to their responsibilities and duties. Employees shall be trained in accordance with 1.3.2
before assuming responsibilities and shall only perform functions, for which required training has not
yet been provided, under the direct supervision of a trained person. Training requirements specific to
security of dangerous goods in Chapter 1.10 shall also be addressed.
NOTE 1: With regard to the training for the safety adviser, see 1.8.3 instead of this section.
NOTE 2: With regard to the training of the vehicle crew, see Chapter 8.2 instead of this section.
NOTE 3: For training with regard to Class 7, see also

Nature of the training

The training shall take the following form, appropriate to the responsibility and duties of the
individual concerned.

General awareness training

Personnel shall be familiar with the general requirements of the provisions for the carriage of
dangerous goods.

Function-specific training

Personnel shall be trained, commensurate directly with their duties and responsibilities in the
requirements of the regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods.
Where the carriage of dangerous goods involves a multimodal transport operation, the personnel shall
be aware of the requirements concerning other transport modes.

Safety training

Commensurate with the degree of risk of injury or exposure arising from an incident involving the
carriage of dangerous goods, including loading and unloading, personnel shall be trained in the
hazards and dangers presented by dangerous goods.
The training provided shall aim to make personnel aware of the safe handling and emergency response

The training shall be periodically supplemented with refresher training to take account of changes in


Records of training received according to this Chapter shall be kept by the employer and made

available to the employee or competent authority, upon request. Records shall be kept by the employer
for a period of time established by the competent authority. Records of training shall be verified upon
commencing a new employment.



General safety measures

The participants in the carriage of dangerous goods shall take appropriate measures according to the
nature and the extent of foreseeable dangers, so as to avoid damage or injury and, if necessary, to
minimize their effects. They shall, in all events, comply with the requirements of ADR in their
respective fields.

When there is an immediate risk that public safety may be jeopardized, the participants shall
immediately notify the emergency services and shall make available to them the information they
require to take action.

ADR may specify certain of the obligations falling to the various participants.
If a Contracting Party considers that no lessening of safety is involved, it may in its domestic
legislation transfer the obligations falling to a specific participant to one or several other participants,
provided that the obligations of 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 are met. These derogations shall be communicated by
the Contracting Party to the Secretariat of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
which will bring them to the attention of the Contracting Parties.
The requirements of 1.2.1, 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 concerning the definitions of participants and their
respective obligations shall not affect the provisions of domestic law concerning the legal
consequences (criminal nature, liability, etc.) stemming from the fact that the participant in question is
e.g. a legal entity, a self-employed worker, an employer or an employee.

Obligations of the main participants

NOTE 1: Several participants to which safety obligations are assigned in this section may be one and
the same enterprise. Also, the activities and the corresponding safety obligations of a participant can
be assumed by several enterprises.
NOTE 2: For radioactive material, see also 1.7.6.


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