For plastics drums and jerricans, rigid plastics IBCs and composite IBCs with plastics inner
receptacles, unless otherwise approved by the competent authority, the period of use permitted for the
carriage of dangerous substances shall be five years from the date of manufacture of the receptacles,
except where a shorter period of use is prescribed because of the nature of the substance to be carried.

Where ice is used as a coolant it shall not affect the integrity of the packaging.

Packagings, including IBCs and large packagings, marked in accordance with 6.1.3,,,
6.3.1, 6.5.2 or 6.6.3 but which were approved in a State which is not a Contracting Party to ADR may
nevertheless be used for carriage under ADR.

Explosives, self-reactive substances and organic peroxides

Unless specific provision to the contrary is made in ADR, the packagings, including IBCs and large
packagings, used for goods of Class 1, self-reactive substances of Class 4.1 and organic peroxides of
Class 5.2 shall comply with the provisions for the medium danger group (packing group II).

Use of salvage packagings and large salvage packagings

Damaged, defective, leaking or non-conforming packages, or dangerous goods that have spilled or
leaked may be carried in salvage packagings mentioned in and in large salvage packagings
mentioned in This does not prevent the use of a larger size packaging, an IBC of type 11A
or a large packaging of appropriate type and performance level and under the conditions of

Appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent excessive movement of the damaged or leaking
packages within a salvage packaging or large salvage packaging. When the salvage packaging or large
salvage packaging contains liquids, sufficient inert absorbent material shall be added to eliminate the
presence of free liquid.

Appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that there is no dangerous build up of pressure.

Use of salvage pressure receptacles

In the case of damaged, defective, leaking or non-conforming pressure receptacles, salvage pressure
receptacles according to may be used.
NOTE: A salvage pressure receptacle may be used as an overpack in accordance with 5.1.2. When
used as an overpack, marks shall be in accordance with instead of

Pressure receptacles shall be placed in salvage pressure receptacles of suitable size. The maximum
size of the placed pressure receptacle is limited to a water capacity of 1 000 litres. More than one
pressure receptacle may be placed in the same salvage pressure receptacle only if the contents are
known and do not react dangerously with each other (see In this case the total sum of water
capacities of the placed pressure receptacles shall not exceed 1 000 litres. Appropriate measures shall
be taken to prevent movement of the pressure receptacles within the salvage pressure receptacle e.g.
by partitioning, securing or cushioning.

A pressure receptacle may only be placed in a salvage pressure receptacle if:
(a) The salvage pressure receptacle is in accordance with and a copy of the approval
certificate is available;
(b) Parts of the salvage pressure receptacle which are, or are likely to be in direct contact with the
dangerous goods will not be affected or weakened by those dangerous goods and will not cause
a dangerous effect (e.g. catalyzing reaction or reacting with the dangerous goods); and
(c) The contents of the contained pressure receptacle(s) are limited in pressure and volume so that
if totally discharged into the salvage pressure receptacle, the pressure in the salvage pressure
receptacle at 65 °C will not exceed the test pressure of the salvage pressure receptacle (for
gases, see packing instruction in P200 (3) in The reduction of the useable water
capacity of the salvage pressure receptacle, e.g. by any contained equipment and cushioning,
shall be taken into account.

The proper shipping name, the UN number preceded by the letters "UN" and label(s) as required for
packages in Chapter 5.2 applicable to the dangerous goods inside the contained pressure receptacle(s)
shall be applied to the salvage pressure receptacle for carriage.

Salvage pressure receptacles shall be cleaned, purged and visually inspected internally and externally
after each use. They shall be periodically inspected and tested in accordance with at least once
every five years.

Verification of the chemical compatibility of plastics packagings, including IBCs, by assimilation of filling substances to standard liquids

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