Combination packagings

The relevant requirements of section 6.1.4 for the outer packagings to be used, are applicable.
NOTE: For the inner and outer packagings to be used, see the relevant packing instructions in
Chapter 4.1.

Light gauge metal packagings

0A1 non-removable-head
0A2 removable-head

The sheet metal for the body and ends shall be of suitable steel, and of a gauge appropriate to the
capacity and intended use of the packaging.

The joints shall be welded, at least double-seamed by welting or produced by a method ensuring a
similar degree of strength and leakproofness.

Inner coatings of zinc, tin, lacquer, etc. shall be tough and shall adhere to the steel at every point,
including the closures.

Openings for filling, emptying and venting in the bodies or heads of non-removable head (0A1)
packagings shall not exceed 7 cm in diameter. Packagings with larger openings shall be considered to
be of the removable-head type (0A2).

The closures of non-removable-head packagings (0A1) shall either be of the screw-threaded type or be
capable of being secured by a screwable device or a device at least equally effective. The closures of
removable-head packagings (0A2) shall be so designed and fitted that they stay firmly closed and the
packagings remain leakproof in normal conditions of carriage.

Maximum capacity of packagings: 40 litres.

Maximum net mass: 50 kg.

Test requirements for packagings

Performance and frequency of tests

The design type of each packaging shall be tested as provided in 6.1.5 in accordance with procedures
established by the competent authority allowing the allocation of the mark and shall be approved by
this competent authority.

Each packaging design type shall successfully pass the tests prescribed in this Chapter before being
used. A packaging design type is defined by the design, size, material and thickness, manner of
construction and packing, but may include various surface treatments. It also includes packagings
which differ from the design type only in their lesser design height.

Tests shall be repeated on production samples at intervals established by the competent authority. For
such tests on paper or fibreboard packagings, preparation at ambient conditions is considered
equivalent to the requirements of

Tests shall also be repeated after each modification which alters the design, material or manner of
construction of a packaging.
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