General requirements

Competent authority

The competent authority that approves the pressure receptacle shall approve the conformity
assessment system for the purpose of ensuring that pressure receptacles conform to the requirements
of ADR. In instances where the competent authority that approves a pressure receptacle is not the
competent authority in the country of manufacture, the marks of the approval country and the country
of manufacture shall be indicated in the pressure receptacle marks (see and
The competent authority of the country of approval shall supply, upon request, evidence
demonstrating compliance to this conformity assessment system to its counterpart in a country of use.

The competent authority may delegate its functions in this conformity assessment system in whole or
in part.

The competent authority shall ensure that a current list of approved inspection bodies and their
identity marks and approved manufacturers and their identity marks is available.

Inspection body

The inspection body shall be approved by the competent authority for the inspection of pressure
receptacles and shall:
(a) Have a staff with an organizational structure, capable, trained, competent, and skilled, to
satisfactorily perform its technical functions;
(b) Have access to suitable and adequate facilities and equipment;
(c) Operate in an impartial manner and be free from any influence which could prevent it from
doing so;
(d) Ensure commercial confidentiality of the commercial and proprietary activities of the
manufacturer and other bodies;
(e) Maintain clear demarcation between actual inspection body functions and unrelated
(f) Operate a documented quality system;
(g) Ensure that the tests and inspections specified in the relevant pressure receptacle standard and
ADR are performed; and
(h) Maintain an effective and appropriate report and record system in accordance with

The inspection body shall perform design type approval, pressure receptacle production testing and
inspection, and certification to verify conformity with the relevant pressure receptacle standard
(see and


The manufacturer shall:
(a)         Operate a documented quality system in accordance with;
(b)         Apply for design type approvals in accordance with;
(c)  Select an inspection body from the list of approved inspection bodies maintained by the   
competent authority in the country of approval; and
(d)         Maintain records in accordance with

Testing laboratory

The testing laboratory shall have:
(a)         Staff with an organizational structure, sufficient in number, competence, and skill; 
(b) Suitable and adequate facilities and equipment to perform  the  tests  required  by  the 
manufacturing standard to the satisfaction of the inspection body.

Manufacturer's quality system

The quality system shall contain all the elements, requirements, and provisions adopted by the
manufacturer. It shall be documented in a systematic and orderly manner in the form of written
policies, procedures and instructions.
The contents shall in particular include adequate descriptions of:
(a) The organizational structure and responsibilities of personnel with regard to design and
product quality;
(b) The design control and design verification techniques, processes, and procedures that will be
used when designing the pressure receptacles;
(c) The relevant pressure receptacle manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance and
process operation instructions that will be used;
(d) Quality records, such as inspection reports, test data and calibration data;
(e) Management reviews to ensure the effective operation of the quality system arising from the
audits in accordance with;
(f) The process describing how customer requirements are met;
(g) The process for control of documents and their revision;
(h) The means for control of non-conforming pressure receptacles, purchased components, inprocess
and final materials; and
(i) Training programmes and qualification procedures for relevant personnel.

Audit of the quality system

The quality system shall be initially assessed to determine whether it meets the requirements in to the satisfaction of the competent authority.
The manufacturer shall be notified of the results of the audit. The notification shall contain the
conclusions of the audit and any corrective actions required.
Periodic audits shall be carried out, to the satisfaction of the competent authority, to ensure that the
manufacturer maintains and applies the quality system. Reports of the periodic audits shall be
provided to the manufacturer.

Maintenance of the quality system

The manufacturer shall maintain the quality system as approved in order that it remains adequate and
The manufacturer shall notify the competent authority that approved the quality system, of any
intended changes. The proposed changes shall be evaluated in order to determine whether the
amended quality system will still satisfy the requirements in

Approval process

Initial design type approval

The initial design type approval shall consist of approval of the manufacturer's quality system and
approval of the pressure receptacle design to be produced. An application for an initial design type
approval shall meet the requirements of to and

A manufacturer desiring to produce pressure receptacles in accordance with a pressure receptacle
standard and ADR shall apply for, obtain, and retain a design type approval certificate issued by the
competent authority in the country of approval for at least one pressure receptacle design type in
accordance with the procedure given in This certificate shall, on request, be submitted to
the competent authority of the country of use.
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