If the country of approval is not a Contracting Party to ADR, the competent authority mentioned in shall be the competent authority of a Contracting Party to ADR.

Requirements for manufacturers

The relevant requirements of 1.8.7 shall be met.

Requirements for inspection bodies

The requirements of 1.8.6 shall be met.

Marking of refillable pressure receptacles

Marking shall be in accordance with sub-section with the following variations.

The United Nations packaging symbol specified in (a) and the provisions of (q) and
(r) shall not be applied.

The requirements of (j) shall be replaced by the following:
(j) The water capacity of the pressure receptacle in litres followed by the letter "L". In the case of
pressure receptacles for liquefied gases the water capacity in litres shall be expressed to three
significant figures rounded down to the last digit. If the value of the minimum or nominal water
capacity is an integer, the figures after the decimal point may be neglected.

The marks specified in (g) and (h) and (m) are not required for pressure receptacles
for UN No. 1965 hydrocarbon gas mixture, liquefied, n.o.s.

When marking the date required by (c), the month need not be indicated for gases for which
the interval between periodic inspections is 10 years or more (see packing instructions P200 and P203

The marks in accordance with may be engraved on a ring of an appropriate material affixed
to the cylinder when the valve is installed and which is removable only by disconnecting the valve
from the cylinder.

Marking of bundles of cylinders

Individual cylinders in a bundle of cylinders shall be marked in accordance with to

Marking of bundles of cylinders shall be in accordance with and, except that the
United Nations packaging symbol specified in (a) shall not be applied.

In addition to the preceding marks, each bundle of cylinders that meets the periodic inspection and test
requirements of shall be marked indicating:
(a) The character(s) identifying the country authorizing the body performing the periodic inspection
and test, as indicated by the distinguishing sign used on vehicles in international road traffic2.
This mark is not required if this body is approved by the competent authority of the country
approving manufacture;
(b) The registered mark of the body authorised by the competent authority for performing periodic
inspection and test;
(c) The date of the periodic inspection and test, the year (two digits) followed by the month (two
digits) separated by a slash (i.e. "/"). Four digits may be used to indicate the year.
The above marks shall appear consecutively in the sequence given either on the plate specified in or on a separate plate permanently attached to the frame of the bundle of cylinders.
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