General requirements

The package shall be so designed in relation to its mass, volume and shape that it can be easily and
safely carried. In addition, the package shall be so designed that it can be properly secured in or on the
vehicle during carriage.

The design shall be such that any lifting attachments on the package will not fail when used in the
intended manner and that, if failure of the attachments should occur, the ability of the package to meet
other requirements of this Annex would not be impaired. The design shall take account of appropriate
safety factors to cover snatch lifting.

Attachments and any other features on the outer surface of the package which could be used to lift it
shall be designed either to support its mass in accordance with the requirements of or shall be
removable or otherwise rendered incapable of being used during carriage.

As far as practicable, the packaging shall be so designed and finished that the external surfaces are
free from protruding features and can be easily decontaminated.

As far as practicable, the outer layer of the package shall be so designed as to prevent the collection
and the retention of water.

Any features added to the package at the time of carriage which are not part of the package shall not
reduce its safety.

The package shall be capable of withstanding the effects of any acceleration, vibration or vibration
resonance which may arise under routine conditions of carriage without any deterioration in the
effectiveness of the closing devices on the various receptacles or in the integrity of the package as a
whole. In particular, nuts, bolts and other securing devices shall be so designed as to prevent them
from becoming loose or being released unintentionally, even after repeated use.

The materials of the packaging and any components or structures shall be physically and chemically
compatible with each other and with the radioactive contents. Account shall be taken of their
behaviour under irradiation.

All valves through which the radioactive contents could escape shall be protected against
unauthorized operation.

The design of the package shall take into account ambient temperatures and pressures that are likely to
be encountered in routine conditions of carriage.

A package shall be so designed that it provides sufficient shielding to ensure that, under routine
conditions of carriage and with the maximum radioactive contents that the package is designed to
contain, the radiation level at any point on the external surface of the package would not exceed the
values specified in, and, as applicable, with account taken of 7.5.11
CV33 (3.3) (b) and (3.5).

For radioactive material having other dangerous properties the package design shall take into account
those properties; see and

Manufacturers and subsequent distributors of packagings shall provide information regarding
procedures to be followed and a description of the types and dimensions of closures (including
required gaskets) and any other components needed to ensure that packages as presented for carriage
are capable of passing the applicable performance tests of this Chapter.


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