The smallest overall external dimension of the package shall not be less than 10 cm.

The outside of the package shall incorporate a feature such as a seal, which is not readily breakable
and which, while intact, will be evidence that it has not been opened.

Any tie-down attachments on the package shall be so designed that, under normal and accident
conditions of carriage, the forces in those attachments shall not impair the ability of the package to
meet the requirements of ADR.

The design of the package shall take into account temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C for the
components of the packaging. Attention shall be given to freezing temperatures for liquids and to the
potential degradation of packaging materials within the given temperature range.

The design and manufacturing techniques shall be in accordance with national or international
standards, or other requirements, acceptable to the competent authority.

The design shall include a containment system securely closed by a positive fastening device which
cannot be opened unintentionally or by a pressure which may arise within the package.

Special form radioactive material may be considered as a component of the containment system.

If the containment system forms a separate unit of the package, it shall be capable of being securely
closed by a positive fastening device which is independent of any other part of the packaging.

The design of any component of the containment system shall take into account, where applicable, the
radiolytic decomposition of liquids and other vulnerable materials and the generation of gas by
chemical reaction and radiolysis.

The containment system shall retain its radioactive contents under a reduction of ambient pressure
to 60 kPa.

All valves, other than pressure relief valves, shall be provided with an enclosure to retain any leakage
from the valve.

A radiation shield which encloses a component of the package specified as a part of the containment
system shall be so designed as to prevent the unintentional release of that component from the shield.
Where the radiation shield and such component within it form a separate unit, the radiation shield
shall be capable of being securely closed by a positive fastening device which is independent of any
other packaging structure.

A package shall be so designed that if it were subjected to the tests specified in 6.4.15, it would
(a) Loss or dispersal of the radioactive contents; and
(b) More than a 20% increase in the maximum radiation level at any external surface of the

The design of a package intended for liquid radioactive material shall make provision for ullage to
accommodate variations in the temperature of the contents, dynamic effects and filling dynamics.

Type A packages to contain liquids

A Type A package designed to contain liquid radioactive material shall, in addition:
(a) Be adequate to meet the conditions specified in (a) above if the package is subjected to
the tests specified in 6.4.16; and
(b) Either
(i) be provided with sufficient absorbent material to absorb twice the volume of the liquid
contents. Such absorbent material shall be suitably positioned so as to contact the liquid
in the event of leakage; or
(ii) be provided with a containment system composed of primary inner and secondary outer
containment components designed to enclose the liquid contents completely and ensure
their retention, within the secondary outer containment components, even if the primary
inner components leak.


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