Any integral pallet base forming part of a large packaging or any detachable pallet shall be suitable for
mechanical handling with the large packaging filled to its maximum permissible gross mass.

The pallet or integral base shall be designed so as to avoid any protrusion of the base of the large
packaging that might be liable to damage in handling.

The body shall be secured to any detachable pallet to ensure stability in handling and carriage. Where
a detachable pallet is used, its top surface shall be free from sharp protrusions that might damage the
large packaging.

Strengthening devices such as timber supports to increase stacking performance may be used but shall
be external to the liner.

Where large packagings are intended for stacking, the bearing surface shall be such as to distribute the
load in a safe manner.

Test requirements for large packagings

Performance and frequency of test

The design type of each large packaging shall be tested as provided in in accordance with
procedures established by the competent authority allowing the allocation of the mark and shall be
approved by this competent authority.

Each large packaging design type shall successfully pass the tests prescribed in this Chapter before
being used. A large packaging design type is defined by the design, size, material and thickness,
manner of construction and packing, but may include various surface treatments. It also includes large
packagings which differ from the design type only in their lesser design height.

Tests shall be repeated on production samples at intervals established by the competent authority. For
such tests on fibreboard large packagings, preparation at ambient conditions is considered equivalent
to the provisions of

Tests shall also be repeated after each modification which alters the design, material or manner of
construction of large packagings.

The competent authority may permit the selective testing of large packagings that differ only in minor
respects from a tested type, e.g. smaller sizes of inner packagings or inner packagings of lower net
mass; and large packagings which are produced with small reductions in external dimension(s).

NOTE: For the conditions for assembling different inner packagings in a large packaging and
permissible variations in inner packagings, see

The competent authority may at any time require proof, by tests in accordance with this section, that
serially-produced large packagings meet the requirements of the design type tests.

Provided the validity of the test results is not affected and with the approval of the competent
authority, several tests may be made on one sample.
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