Goods of Class 8

These goods shall be carried in bulk containers which are watertight.

Goods of Class 9

For UN 3509, only closed bulk containers (code BK2) may be used. Bulk containers shall be made
leak tight or fitted with a leak tight and puncture resistant sealed liner or bag, and shall have a 
means of retaining any free liquid that might escape during carriage, e.g. absorbent material. 
Packagings, discarded, empty, uncleaned with residues of Class 5.1 shall be carried in bulk 
containers which have been so constructed or adapted that the goods cannot come into contact with 
wood or any other
combustible material.

Use of flexible bulk containers

Before a flexible bulk container is filled it shall be visually examined to ensure it is structurally
serviceable, its textile slings, load-bearing structure straps, body fabric, lock device parts including
metal and textile parts are free from protrusions or damage and that inner liners are free from rips, tears
or any damage.

For flexible bulk containers, the period of use permitted for the carriage of dangerous goods shall be
two years from the date of manufacture of the flexible bulk container.

A venting device shall be fitted if a dangerous accumulation of gases may develop within the flexible
bulk container. The vent shall be so designed that the penetration of foreign substances or ingress of
water is prevented under normal conditions of carriage.

Flexible bulk containers shall be filled in such a way that when loaded the ratio of height to width does
not exceed 1.1. The maximum gross mass of the flexible bulk containers shall not exceed 14 tonnes.

Provisions for carriage in bulk when the provisions of (b) are applied

In addition to the general provisions of section 7.3.1, the provisions of this section are applicable,
when they are shown under an entry in column (17) of Table A of Chapter 3.2. Sheeted or closed
vehicles or sheeted or closed containers used under this section need not be in conformity with the
requirements of Chapter 6.11. The codes VC1, VC2 and VC3 in column (17) of Table A of Chapter
3.2 have the following meanings:
VC1 Carriage in bulk in sheeted vehicles, sheeted containers or sheeted bulk containers is
VC2 Carriage in bulk in closed vehicles, closed containers or closed bulk containers is permitted;
VC3 Carriage in bulk is permitted in specially equipped vehicles or containers in accordance
with standards specified by the competent authority of the country of origin. If the country
of origin is not a Contracting Party to ADR, the conditions laid down shall be recognized
by the competent authority of the first country Contracting Party to ADR reached by the


When the VC bulk codes are used, the following additional provisions shown in column (17) of Table
A of Chapter 3.2 shall apply:

Goods of Class 4.1

AP1 Vehicles and containers shall have a metal body and where fitted the sheet shall be noncombustible.
AP2 Vehicles and containers shall have adequate ventilation.

Goods of Class 4.2

AP1 Vehicles and containers shall have a metal body and where fitted the sheet shall be noncombustible.

Goods of Class 4.3

AP2         Vehicles and containers shall have adequate ventilation.
AP3    Sheeted vehicles and sheeted containers shall be used only when the substance is in pieces   
(not in powder, granular, dust or ashes form).
AP4   Closed vehicles and closed containers shall be equipped with hermetically closed openings   
used for filling and discharging to prevent the exit of gas and exclude the ingress of moisture.
AP5 The cargo doors of the closed  vehicles or closed  containers  shall be  marked  with the  
following in letters not less than 25 mm high:
This shall be in a language considered appropriate by the consignor.

Goods of Class 5.1

AP6 If the vehicle or container is made of wood or other combustible material, an impermeable
surfacing resistant to combustion or a coating of sodium silicate or similar substance shall
be provided. Sheeting shall also be impermeable and non-combustible.
AP7 Carriage in bulk shall only be as a full load.
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