Dangerous Goods by Road





This instruction applies to UN No. 3245.

The following packagings are authorized:

(1) Packagings meeting the provisions of,,, and 4.1.3 and so designed that they meet the construction requirements of 6.1.4. Outer packagings constructed of suitable material, and of adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging capacity and its intended use, shall be used. Where this packing instruction is used for the carriage of inner packagings of combination packagings the packaging shall be designed and constructed to prevent inadvertent discharge during normal conditions of carriage.

  1. Packagings, which need not conform to the packaging test requirements of Part 6, but conforming to the following:

    1. An inner packaging comprising:

      1. primary receptacle(s) and a secondary packaging, the primary receptacle(s) or the secondary packaging shall be leakproof for liquids or siftproof for solids;

      2. for liquids, absorbent material placed between the primary receptacle(s) and the secondary packaging. The absorbent material shall be in a quantity sufficient to absorb the entire contents of the primary receptacle(s) so that any release of the liquid substance will not compromise the integrity of the cushioning material or of the outer packaging;

      3. if multiple fragile primary receptacles are placed in a single secondary packaging they shall be individually wrapped or separated to prevent contact between them;

    2. An outer packaging shall be strong enough for its capacity, mass and intended use, and with a smallest external dimension of at least 100 mm.

For carriage, the mark illustrated below shall be displayed on the external surface of the outer packaging on a background of a contrasting colour and shall be clearly visible and legible. The mark shall be in the form of a square set at an angle of 45° (diamond-shaped) with each side having a length of at least 50 mm; the width of the line shall be at least 2 mm and the letters and numbers shall be at least 6 mm high.

Additional requirement:

Ice, dry ice and liquid nitrogen

When dry ice or liquid nitrogen is used as a coolant, the requirements of 5.5.3 shall apply. When used, ice shall be placed outside the secondary packagings or in the outer packaging or an overpack. Interior supports shall be provided to secure the secondary packaging in the original position. If ice is used, the outside packaging or overpack shall be leakproof.


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