Products manufactured, approved, inspected and tested according to standards

The requirements of are considered to have been complied with if the following standards, as relevant, are applied:


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EN 12972:2007

Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Testing, inspection and marking of metallic tanks

Procedures for conformity assessment of gas cartridges

When assessing the conformity of gas cartridges, one of the following procedures shall be applied:

(a)    The procedure in section 1.8.7 for non-UN pressure receptacles, with the exception of; or

(b)    The procedure in sub-sections to

General provisions

The supervision of manufacture shall be carried out by an Xa body and the tests as required in 6.2.6 shall be carried out either by that Xa body or by an IS-body approved by that Xa body; for definition of Xa and IS bodies see definitions in Conformity assessment shall be carried out by the competent authority, its delegate or its approved inspection body of a Contracting Party to ADR.

By the application of 1.8.8, the applicant shall demonstrate, ensure and declare on his sole responsibility the conformity of gas cartridges with the provisions of 6.2.6 and all further applicable provisions of ADR.

The applicant shall

(a)    Carry out a design type examination of each type of gas cartridges (including materials to be used and variations of that type, e.g. volumes, pressures, drawings and closing and release devices) according to;

(b)    Operate an approved quality system for design, manufacture, inspection and testing according to;

(c)    Operate an approved testing regime according to for the tests required in 6.2.6;

(d)    Apply for the approval of his quality system for supervision of manufacture and for testing to one Xa body of his choice of the Contracting Party; if the applicant is not established in a Contracting Party he shall apply to one Xa body of a Contracting Party prior to first transport into a Contracting Party;

(e)    If the gas cartridge is finally assembled from parts manufactured by the applicant by one or more other enterprise(s), provide written instructions how to assemble and fill the gas  cartridges to meet the provisions of his type examination certificate.

Where the applicant and enterprises assembling or filling gas cartridges according to the instructions of the applicant, can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Xa body conformity with the provisions  of excluding (d) and (b), they may establish an in-house inspection service which may perform part or all of the inspections and tests specified in 6.2.6.

Design type examination

The applicant shall establish a technical documentation for each type of gas cartridges including the technical standard(s) applied. If he chooses to apply a standard not referenced in 6.2.6, he shall add  the standard applied to the documentation.

The applicant shall retain the technical documentation together with samples of that type at the disposal of the Xa body during production and afterwards for a period of minimum five years starting from the last date of production of gas cartridges according to that type examination certificate.

The applicant shall after careful examination issue a design type certificate which shall be valid for a maximum period of ten years; he shall add this certificate to the documentation. This certificate authorises him to produce gas cartridges of that type for that period.

If within that period the relevant technical requirements of ADR (including referenced standards) have changed so that the design type is no longer in conformity with them, the applicant shall withdraw his type examination certificate and inform the Xa body.

The applicant may after careful and complete review reissue the certificate for another period of maximum ten years.

Supervision of manufacture

The procedure of design type examination as well as the manufacturing process shall be subject to a survey by the Xa body to ensure the type certified by the applicant and the product as produced are in conformity with the provisions of the design type certificate and the applicable provisions of ADR.  If (e) applies, the assembling and filling enterprises shall be included in that procedure.

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